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Stainless Steel Piping
Walt, Blucher

October 17, 2018

12 PM, Benvenuto's Italian Grill, Madison, WI R.S.V.P.

October 18, 2018

12 PM, Riverfront Pizzeria, Milwaukee, WI R.S.V.P.

$15 members, $5 students, $20 non-members
R.S.V.P. with name, address, phone and email.

Calendar of Events
Aug. 16 Golf Outing, North Prairie
Aug. 22 Brewers Game, Milwaukee
Sept. 20  Grease Interceptors, Milwaukee
Oct. 17 & 18 Stainless Steel Piping,
Madison and Milwaukee
Dec. 13 Product Show,
Jan. 16 & 18 Roof Drainage, Madison and Milwaukee
Feb. 20 & 21 Chloride Reduction in Wastewater, Madison and Milwaukee
Mar. 21 Emergency Fixtures, Milwaukee
Apr. 18 TBD, Milwaukee
May 23 Plumbing Code Update, Madison

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